Friday, January 17, 2014

Week 4 TEMPLATE and a few other surprises !!!

Coming up on week four .... how is everyone doing so far?  I am still hanging in there.  I am finding what works for me as far as keeping track of my week and what pictures I am going to include in my layout.  Somedays it is just too hard to take a picture every day.

Be sure to scroll through this whole post .... there is a surprise at the bottom !!!

Here is your WEEK FOUR template !!!

AND ..... drumroll please !!!!!!!

I was contacted by someone who took my templates and converted them to PAGE files .... so tomorrow I will be posting links for templates 1 - 4 for the PAGE files.  

Thanks very much to Ann for converting them ... I am so glad that I now have four options for those who wish to use these templates (PSD, PNG, TIFF and PAGE)

And if that just wasn't enough good news ...
anyone want a free mini kit?

One of my goals this year is to draw a lot of my own artwork ... and I drew a few of these items in this mini kit (not all) and can't wait to do many more.  (**hint hint** I am tossing my hat into the CU ring lol)

This kit is a Facebook fan freebee.  So be sure to go to my Facebook page and pick it up.

** Now I know there are a lot of you that have mentioned that you do not have a Facebook account (and do not wish to have -- trust me sometimes I think you all are the smart ones to stay away from it); I totally understand it.  I do wish that if you DO have facebook you become a fan to keep updated of freebee's posted on the FB page as well as my blog and any other news upcoming.    

If you DON'T have FB and still want the freebee ... please feel free to email me at  and put COCOA-NUT KIT in the subject line .... and I will get a link to you.  I have dropbox and I also have access to a 4shared account for downloads let me know which you prefer.  Remember if using 4shared you have to be logged in to download anything from their site.

Enjoy all your goodies .... and happy scrapping !!!


Nancy said...

Loving the templates...thanks for your generosity!

JeannieK said...

Thank you for the template!

Unknown said...

Thanks, love the template and the journaling cards. I also have a weakness for journaling card, especially the quotes, great phrasing, and hot comments.

You are fantastic for taking on this project for us and I greatly appreciate you.