Friday, January 24, 2014

WEEK 5 template !!!

Here is your week 5 freebee template !!!

How are you doing on your Project so far?

I am in week 4 and going strong !!!  And I am really enjoying all the inspiration I am getting from fellow project lifer's and places like Pinterest.  It is amazing what ideas you can get.  I was worried that I wouldn't have enough to talk about each week --- but I have gotten plenty of ideas of filler ideas for my pages as well.  And I am obsessed with journal cards .. plain ones and embellished ones.  Especially ones I find that have awesome sayings or memorable quotes.

Remember in this file you have PSD, PNG, TIFF and PAGE files !!!
All in one download !!!

I would love to see anything you create with my templates or mini kits I offer.  Feel free to email me at and show me what you've created.  I'd love to see it !!!

More amazing things on the horizon here at The Hive.  I am working on creating my own original CU elements.  Some I will offer for free (because everyone loves a freeBEE right), and others I will put up for sale.  I also have been approached to start a newsletter as well ... and will be advertising that soon.  There are a lot of people who DON'T use Facebook and would like to be kept up to date when I post freeBEE's here.  So that is what I am going to be working on the next week.  Plus we will probably be snowed in ... so what better to do than put out a newsletter and create more goodies for all of you !!!

Happy Scrapping !!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

P365/52 now available in PAGE files !!!

For those who have interest in using my P365/52 templates but need them in PAGE files ... you are now in luck.  A big thank you to Ann who has graciously offered to modify my templates into PAGE files.  Included in this zip file below are the PAGE files ONLY for templates 1 - 4.  This Friday when Template 5 comes out the PAGE files will be included in each zip with the psd, png and tiff files.  

*Note dropbox does get overloaded at times, so please try your download later.  If problems still persist ... contact me and I will do my best to get another alternative download link to you.  I also have a 4shared account and will upload to that if any of you prefer to log in to download from that site.

Eventually my freeBEE's will be going into their own category for downloading after 30 days .... one of my resolutions this year is organization, so I am trying to keep things neat and tidy as much as I can.

Those of you who have downloaded the above PAGE files ... enjoy and Happy Scrapping !!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Week 4 TEMPLATE and a few other surprises !!!

Coming up on week four .... how is everyone doing so far?  I am still hanging in there.  I am finding what works for me as far as keeping track of my week and what pictures I am going to include in my layout.  Somedays it is just too hard to take a picture every day.

Be sure to scroll through this whole post .... there is a surprise at the bottom !!!

Here is your WEEK FOUR template !!!

AND ..... drumroll please !!!!!!!

I was contacted by someone who took my templates and converted them to PAGE files .... so tomorrow I will be posting links for templates 1 - 4 for the PAGE files.  

Thanks very much to Ann for converting them ... I am so glad that I now have four options for those who wish to use these templates (PSD, PNG, TIFF and PAGE)

And if that just wasn't enough good news ...
anyone want a free mini kit?

One of my goals this year is to draw a lot of my own artwork ... and I drew a few of these items in this mini kit (not all) and can't wait to do many more.  (**hint hint** I am tossing my hat into the CU ring lol)

This kit is a Facebook fan freebee.  So be sure to go to my Facebook page and pick it up.

** Now I know there are a lot of you that have mentioned that you do not have a Facebook account (and do not wish to have -- trust me sometimes I think you all are the smart ones to stay away from it); I totally understand it.  I do wish that if you DO have facebook you become a fan to keep updated of freebee's posted on the FB page as well as my blog and any other news upcoming.    

If you DON'T have FB and still want the freebee ... please feel free to email me at  and put COCOA-NUT KIT in the subject line .... and I will get a link to you.  I have dropbox and I also have access to a 4shared account for downloads let me know which you prefer.  Remember if using 4shared you have to be logged in to download anything from their site.

Enjoy all your goodies .... and happy scrapping !!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 2014 SNP Blog Train has left the station !!!

It is time for another amazing Scraps N Pieces blog train !!!

This months theme is:

Chasing Dreams of a New Year

Whether you have personal goals or set some other sort of resolution for yourself this year (for example finally participating in a project life); you are going to want to snag up every piece of this train. The color palette is beyond stunning. The purple and turquoise just scream celebrate the new year in style!!! Be sure to leave a comment of thanks for each of the participants of this train. Everyone loves a nice comment and a little recognition.

Here is the complete list of participants in the train in case you get lost along the way:

Honeybees Creative Hive -- YOU ARE HERE

Here is what I have for you … enjoy !!!

Happy Scrapping …. and I wish all your dreams, hopes and wishes coming true for 2014 !!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

P365/52 week 3 template !!!

I know I promised week 3's template this weekend ... but I have been feeling a little more than under the weather.  Here is week 3 ... week 4's template will be posted on Friday.

(remember dropbox will sometimes get overloaded -- just be patient and try back at a later time)

**Note**  There might also be another little surprise on Friday as well for all your Project LIFE peep's.  And be sure to check back on Wednesday for the January SNP blog train ... it's a beauty don't miss out !!!

Happy Scrapping !!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Week 2 Project 365/52 template !!!

How are you all doing on P 365/52?

I am into week 2 ..... 50 more weeks to go !!!!  LOL !!!

I am really enjoying working on this project ... wish I would have done this all along.  I am also gaining lots of inpiration from other who have done successful projects in the past.

To keep you all on track here is your week 2 template ... but note you can use it for any week.  I am just numbering them as I offer them.  I am also going to offer up week 3's template sometime this weekend.  Not sure if it will be Saturday or Sunday.  So keep a look out ... on my Facebook page or here.  All of these templates will stay up ... and eventually be moved to the FREEBEE's section of my blog.

Here is WEEK 2:

This template is a little different ... more blocky.  Feel free to use it as is or if necessary split the longer rectangles into smaller boxes.  Do with it whatever you wish.  Just don't claim it and reoffer the template as your own.  *wink*


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ramblings from the Igloo ... lol ... and your first P365/52 FreeBEE !!!

Well there is no hiding from it ... the snow is falling here.  Winter is in full force.  It can snow all it wants we have enough milk, bread, eggs and toilet paper.  I made sure to stock up before all the crazy people waited till the last minute at Walmart.  I mean I will NOT fight over toilet paper.  Chocolate ... okay maybe a different story and maybe a box of Twinkies, but NEVER TP.

I spent the morning up to my eyeballs in paperwork.  This whole being a responsible adult kind of stinks some days.  Now I am settling in to post the first freeBEE of 2014 while I chow down on some chicken and rice.  I figured I needed some good comfort food.  And well maybe a bit healthy since we over did it at Olive Garden yesterday.  (I should be on the treadmill at some point today)  Enough rambling ... onto my main reason for my post today.

Are you hoping on the Project 365/52 bandwagon like I am?

I have been wanting to do a Project Life of some kind for many years.  But I always fizzle out around April or May.  But this year will be different.  I made this my MAIN NEW YEARS RESOLUTION.

I have looked all over for helpful free templates and couldn't find many.  So I figured I would make my own.  So today you will be getting WEEK 1 .... and will release a new freeBEE every week.  Your next freeBEE won't be posted until Friday of next week.  So be on the lookout for it.  I will post a reminder on my Honeybee's Creative Hive Facebook Page each Friday (or day the freeBEE posts just incase something happens and I have to post earlier or later).

I didn't put a journaling prompt in any of the squares ... I will leave that creativity up to you.

Download from Dropbox HERE

If three are any download problems please feel free to email me HERE  I will do my best to fix the link or accomodate you and get the freeBEE out to you in some way.

Keystone Scraps releasing "Rewind" exclusively at Gingerscraps !!!

Tick Tock, time flies, sand through an hourglass.... all these phrases make me think about how quickly life moves along!! Capture those memories, both old and new with this beautiful, vintage, clock inspired elements! 
From now until January 5th you can get the full kit for 50% off..

Here is the beautiful layout I created with Rewind ... I can't wait to use this kit again !!!

This is a beautiful kit ... be sure to pick it up today ... again it is 50% off !!!

It is timeless (yes, pun intended) !!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014 !!!

Happy New Year !!!

Hope this year brings you and yours much happiness, health and prosperity !!!

I for one am glad 2013 is behind me ... it was a rough year for our family so we are looking forward to starting this year over with a brighter outlook and a vision.

I came across this graphic on Facebook this morning ... and I felt the need to share it not only here but on my private facebook as well.  I am definately looking forward to the future and all it brings.

There are many NEW THINGS coming down the pike for Honeybee's Creative Hive in 2014.  And I am excited to get started on the best year yet to come.  The one resolution I made this year was to complete a Project 365/52.  And I have already made templates that I plan on sharing here on my blog as well as on my Facebook page with you all !!!  I am also very fortunate to be apart of a wonderful group of scrapping friends who are also hopping on the bandwagon this year.  We'll hopefully inspire each other to keep it going.  These memories of this year captured forever in a book will be something that not only myself but my children and their future children can look at and cherrish.

Not only am I going to be offering the free templates but I will continue to participate in blog trains and offer freebie mini kits on my blog when time allows.  I also have another new venture that I am starting up ... but we'll leave that big announcement for another time.  But I am excited to really get started and take my artistic eye and talents to the next level.

My work with other designers will also continue over this year.  So be sure and check out their amazing work as I will be sharing their releases here as well as my Honeybee's Facebook page.  And there will also be a new blog page with new and exciting things too .. so be on the lookout for that.  

I also have a lot of other personal wishes and goals for this new year.  Today the possibilities are endless.

Tomorrow .... time to make things happen!

Check back tomorrow for your first P365/52 template.  These will either be posted here or my Facebook page ... so be sure to like my page to keep updated as to where the freebies will post to.

I will also try and add a category here on my blog for past freebies ... since I have gotten a lot of requests for downloads that have expired.  Some I may post ... some I may not.  And some from last year ... I might not be able to find.  lol !!!  Yes, I need an organizer this year too.  

Off to kick off my first official day of 2014 with some fun family time ... be sure to BUZZ on in tomorrow for your first freebee !!!

Happy New Year !!!