Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just a little note !!!

I do understand that NOT everyone has Facebook.  Some days I wish I didn't have one .. lol !!  At least a personal one.  I swear that place is like High School ALL over again.  

BUT ... I have gotten some comments in regards to my SNP Blog train for this month ... from people who don't have Facebook and would like to have the free elements. I enjoy creating things, and by no means do I wish to not share my work with anyone who wants it.

To those of you who don't .... I can not access an email address via your comment on my blog so I can not send the elements portion out to you.  There is an email address listed on my blog here ... so please feel free to send me an email requesting that freebie elements portion if you are still interested.  

Please understand that *liking* Facebook pages to get exclusive freebies is a wonderful way for those of us in the Digi World that want to gain new interest in our work on a broader scope.  I will always try and do my best to accommodate anyone's request.  But I am hoping I am not shooting off my own foot now being inundated with emails requesting the elements portion of the blog train without liking my Facebook page.

So I ask if you DO have a Facebook page please follow the link to that page to download the elements.  Please don't ruin it for anyone else who might not have that access.  If you do NOT have Facebook ... again please email me to request that download.

I will do my best to get those links to you ASAP.




ittehgaps said...

Thanks for the offer of a cute free kit but...Um..after the big speech about supporting your facebook page I looked up one side and down the other and can't seem to find a link to your facebook anywhere on this blog??? I am probably just missing it cause I'm not very computer savy. Maybe others are also...not meaning to be sassy...I even came back a couple days later to see if things had been updated :)C

Mel!ss@ said...

Actually I just checked my facebook and I have 585 likes so I don't think there were many problems finding the link to the page. If you scroll down to the SNP November Blog Train post .... you have to click on the Elements preview to be taken to my facebook page to like it and receive the free download. It is "clearly stated" above the preview of the elements that you have to click the preview to be taken to the facebook page. I have had others complain they don't have facebook either and can't get it. Well I can't make everyone happy. But I tried to accomodate as best as I could. And I don't know how I could have made it more easier to understand.

Lana said...

Trying to find the second part of your freebie but can't find any links or pic or FB links to get to it. Can you please help? The elements part that goes out today? Thank you so much! Love the kit so far.

Mel!ss@ said...

Lana you can find the Facebook link when you click the preview of the SNP November Blog Train Elements portion. That picture is linked directly to my Facebook page. I have no new download yet today. When one is posted I will make a new blog post about it.

Lana said...

Thank you.