Monday, October 29, 2012

While the Evil genius is away the minions have played.

The True North Scraps minions have taken over the TNS lab while the evil genius Dawna is away.  We will be posting coupon codes with big savings for one kit each day until Dawna returns on the 4th Nov before we are forced to tidy up the lab and pretend we've been good; (check out the TNS FB page or SNP News forum each day for the code)   

But enough about the tricks - you're here for more treats right?.. 

Well here they are.

Each of the TNS minions has a little treat for you on their blogs.
Make sure you visit each of us to bag all that loot.


Heres what I have for you
*Download link EXPIRED*

We play the tricks and you get the treats!

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Dree Getz said...

Thank you very much.