Monday, September 17, 2012

Look at this ... and guess who I am guesting for ???

Okay ... so I am like EXTREMELY excited to be guesting for one of my favorite digi designers.


Now wait one cotton pickin' minute some of you have just said.
Weren't you ??????

Yes, I was thrilled, honored, and blessed to be one half of Keystone Scraps from it's conception February 2011 to this past February.  I decided to walk away from designing to persue other interests.  But have always held Keystone Scraps and my friendship with sole owner Paula very dear.

It is wonderful to giggle and laugh with her still as we talk on the phone or exchange emails as much as we can.  I know when I walked away I left the business we started in the most capable hands ever.  Look at what she has done with it .. look at what she has designed since I left.  

I can't wait to guest for this next upcoming release .... I am just beyond thrilled about it.  Can you tell ?

I sit here as I write this thinking I am wasting precious time when I could be creating my layout .... because what she has in store is beyond adorable.  (P ... you outdid me ... just saying --- you know what I am talking about -- LOL !!!)

But ... in the meantime ..... can you just take a gander at this !!!!

No matter how much I want to start this off with some cheesy Pirate pun ... I just can't.  Well .. I just can't do it as well as Paula does.  LOL !!!  This kit just popped out at me browsing the Scraps N Pieces store ... and was something I couldn't wait to get my hands on.

Sail on over (sorry I couldn't help myself) HERE and pick it up today ... it is on sale 30% off this week !!!

I have tons of pictures for this ... and can't wait to make good use out of this adorable pirate kit.  So whether you are infatuated with Jack Sparrow (like my sister) or into Jake and the Neverland Pirates ... what Disney fan isn't .... then rush on over and pick this kit up today.  

Keep on eye out here on my blog .. in the upper left hand corner to see any new layouts I have done that I put into my slideshow.  I am sure one or ten with this kit might find it's way in there real soon!!!

In the meantime head on over to the Keystone Scraps blog HERE and see what the rest of the team did with this kit ..... if you are not inspired by their work there is something seriously wrong!

Shiver your timbers on over to SNP and pick it up TODAY !!!

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