Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A very difficult decision . . . . .

I have for the past year been apart of a little thing called Keystone Scraps.  I also have been involved in the digi community as well as other creative venues for the last several years.  Right now it is time to walk away from that part of my life.   I am blessed to have had the opportunity to share what talents I believe I posses with the rest of the web for as long as I did.  I also knew in the coming months I wasn't going to be able to devote much time to the business as a whole.  So my choice to leave stemmed from many reasons ...
and none of them were easy.

I will be closing this blog down as well as deleting it's entire contents on March 1st ... that gives plenty of time for anyone who still wishes to download any freebies that I still have for offer .... to do so.  After March 1st none of those freebies will ever be offered again.  

I may sometime in the near future find a reason to start another more personal blog to share my thoughts, creativity, and other passions with the world wide web.  For now ... I think I will just take a moment to breathe and prepare myself for tons of hard work ahead in the next four months and beyond. 

Thank you to all who have read, followed, and ever sent me a comment thanking me for my work.
Your "friendship" has been a blessing.